Welcome to Hochron Consulting


    We specialize in development of IT Architectures, with an overall goal of aligning technology with the business.  In short, well defined IT Architectures help satisfy the “abilities”:

    • Facilitates growth by ensuring scalability, e.g., the ability to add users without having to rework the architecture
    • Ensures high performance(ability) working together with proper systems design), i.e., rapid user response time
    • Contains costs by ensuring maintainability, i.e., do it right the first time and deploy a set of systems that are (relatively) easy to maintain and operate
    • Provides extensibility, i.e., the ability to add new functionality without reinvestment in the infrastructure



    As Architects, we start out as Management Consultants by defining: (a) requirements, (b) current baseline, (c) any gaps, (d) architecture plans (information, applications, network, technology, process, and IT organization), and (e) prioritized implementation plan.

    As the project evolves, so do we, as we take on a Program Management role: (a) financial exposure, (b) implementation risk, (c) issues, (d) architecture gaps, (e) communications gaps, and (f) execution gaps.

    We operate end-to-end by deploying implementation teams that pride themselves on solving the business problem, while maintaining architecture compliance and business alignment.






    We solve root cause problems,
    not symptoms!

    For more information, please contact:
    Gary Hochron
    Cell: 914.523.0601 Fax: 914.206.3751